“I've written a total of three chapters; the deadline is the 15th.  And every time I think about writing this thing, I feel sick."

"I try not to let it get to me, but ... the rejection is beginning to get to me."

"This director treats me like I'm a child.  And it's beginning to really affect my performance." 

The Professional Writer, Artist, and Performing Artist - Many therapists specialize in their cultures of origin, whether regional, ethnic, or religious. This is because such exposure provides a unique understanding and knowledge base. I grew up in the arts. Surrounding me, as far as the eye could see, creativity on a deadline paid the rent.

This introduced me early to the business, the uncertainties, the varied terrors, and the bedrock integrity involved in choosing a life in the arts.  And I learned the vital art of brainstorming -- through career obstacles, creative snags, and the existential Big Questions that face those who face down creativity itself.  Creative industries are currently in flux and turmoil, complicating the eternal problems of creativity, authenticity, and creative 'blockage'. Brainstorming enables us to find both hidden opportunities, and opportunities hidden in plain sight.

Creative people often see their anxieties, sorrows, and traumas as deep currents that feed the creative process ... and fear that therapy will cause damage - damage they cannot afford. These fears are worthy of respect; these currents are the source, both of self, and art.  

Access to one's deepest life experience is one thing; disabling symptoms are another.  In my experience, relieving symptoms and healing pain only enhance creative access - among other things, by providing a broader perspective.   As needed, and with your permission, we can focus on aiding the creative process itself in ways that do not interfere, intrude, or tamper.  

About conversation, and therapy