“I’m just so stuck.  I feel like a loser...” 

"So what do I do now?!...I can't believe I'm in this situation..."

"This is not where  I thought I'd be at this stage of my life...I'm a failure ...and don't try to tell me I'm not ...!"

Life-path Issues and Transitions - People often feel such pressure to succeed, to achieve, to perform, to stay the course, stay on a chosen path. But sometimes the path seems impossible to find. Or the path you've been on feels all wrong. Or - the path chosen long ago ends suddenly, leaving you standing bewildered and alone. You're in limbo, and you want to get somewhere real.

Coming to therapy is coming to the right place. Limbo becomes transition. Real options come into focus, regrets and tangled feelings get their due, new understanding points you ... in a new direction. This is challenging, transformative work.


About conversation, and therapy